WCS office hours + Antiracism Consultations

There are two ways for you to work directly with Where Change Started’s founder, L. Glenise Pike - Office Hours and Antiracism Consultations.


OFFICE HOURS: 30 minute sessions on Thursdays 8a-12p and 1p-4:30p MDT.

WCS Office Hours are reserved for questions specifically related to Where Change Started antiracism resources and online content (i.e. online lectures, action guides, social media posts and live videos, weekly reflection questions, etc.). Time blocks available from 1p-4:30p are Patron Priority time blocks. That means that members of the WCS Patreon Community are given priority during those scheduled times, as their monthly support is a key reason L. Glenise Pike is able to offer these office hours for free. Remaining time blocks will become available to the general public after Tuesday at 12p the week of.

ANTIRACISM CONSULTATIONS: 1 hour consultations on Tuesdays 8a-12p and 1p-5p MDT.

Whether, you're seeking advice on the efficacy of a work/community/social programming geared towards antiracism and equity, or you're curious about how to incorporate antiracism into your everyday life from a current position of leadership and influence, the Antiracism Consultations are the perfect place for you to get what you're looking for in a space that is open, confidential, and about your specific role in antiracism.

Antiracism Consultation Services include:

-- 1 hour phone call with WCS Founder, L. Glenise Pike

-- Comprehensive report detailing conclusions and suggestions for next steps within 36 hours of call.

In order for us to maximize our call together, I do need a few things from you. These details not only help me prepare for our chat with one another, it also gives you the opportunity to clarify your end goals so that we may both be on the same page while working alongside each other to help meet your needs. Please pay very close attention to the details listed below so that we can make the most of your session.

1. Your Consultation Memo should be uploaded in the form a PDF.

2. Include a section titled "Statement of the Issue" or a "Background on the Project." Be as detailed as possible. Tell me what you're desires and intentions are, where you're worried about making a mistake (or have made a mistake), etc.

3. Include a section titled "Questions" or "How I Need Your Help." As best you can, please tell me the areas you're wanting my help with. It's ok if you aren't completely sure about this particular part. Just give it as much thought as you can so that we will have a starting point.

Feel free to include anything else you think I need to know in the memo. The more information the better.