WCS Fall Lecture Series (2 Lecture Bundle)

WCS Fall Lecture Series (2 Lecture Bundle)

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WCS Fall Lecture Series — SPECIAL OFFER!

— The Antiracism Mindset Shift —

The Antiracism Mindset Shift lecture is a great introductory lecture for those looking to develop a firm foundation of principles needed to ensure their action remain in alignment with the end goal of antiracism. You’ll learn eight (8) paradigm shifting concepts to help you jumpstart your journey to becoming antiracist with intention, renewed direction, and a new found sense of confidence in your ability to lead by example in creating the world you believe in. This lecture has been pre-recorded, as the live lectures have been completed for the Fall Lecture Series.

— How To Talk About Race: The End Goal Is CLARITY —

Regardless of where you are on your journey to becoming antiracist, having the ability to participate in or facilitate productive conversations about race will be an important part of your antiracism efforts. Leading others by example and bringing them into the work of antiracism requires intention, grace, patience, and compassion. In this LIVE lecture, you’ll learn the signature WCS seven (7) stepped approach to having informative and productive conversations about race that will equip you with the ability to do just that.

— Finding Your Antiracism Core Values —

Leading by example in antiracism doesn’t require you to be perfect, but it will require that you be consistent — in two you show up and how you process moment of extreme discomfort, and how you move forward after making mistakes. In this lecture, you’ll be able to identify and define your antiracism core values and learn how to use them as the foundation and backbone of all your actions as you navigate antiracism.


The cost for each lecture is $28. However, because you’re part of the WCS newsletter’s maiden voyage, you get access to this secret special offer! Between now and 11:59pm MDT on October 15, 2019, when you register for two lectures, the second lecture will be 50% off. When you register for all three lectures, you get your third one for FREE!