The Antiracism Mindset Shift

The Antiracism Mindset Shift

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The Antiracism Mindset Shift is a pre-recorded online lecture by WCS Founder, L. Glenise Pike, that walks you through the process of unpacking some of the biggest pieces of misinformation about antiracism that are consistently getting in the way of you developing a firm grasp of what this work is and how you can build communities with antiracism principles at the forefront. The goal is to help you get unstuck from these well-intentioned concepts that ultimately undermine our fight to dismantle white supremacy, while replacing them with eight (8) paradigm shifting concepts to help you jumpstart your journey to becoming antiracist with intention, renewed direction, and a newfound sense confidence that you are allocating your resources, skills, and influence in the most affective ways possible to create the world you believe in.


  • A 90 minute pre-recorded online lecture with visuals.

  • A downloaded workbook that follows the lecture. It will include spaces to take notes in real time, as well as self-guided assignments for further learning and self-interrogation. Workbook will be emailed to registrants the day before the lecture.

  • Access to video playback for seven (7) days following the lecture.


The cost to reserve your seat for the next lecture is $28 USD. This fee is per registration and will need to be paid by all individuals attending, even if you’re watching as a team or group.

Deadline to register for each lecture is 24 hours prior to their start date.