Is Your feminism Antiracist - the hoodie

— The OFFICIAL Where Change Started Tee for the 2019 Women’s March —


How can feminism be intersectional when it hasn’t become antiracist?

Simply put. It can’t be.

Order your “Is Your Feminism Antiracist” Hoodie and wear it to you local Women’s March in January. Wear it to remind yourselves and others that feminism will never truly be intersectional as long as it’s leaders and followers continue to opt-out of the self work of antiracism. Then do the work to make that happen.

— How the shirt gives back. —

Twenty-five (25) percent of the proceeds from all “Is Your Feminism Antiracist” Hoodies and T-shirts sales will be donated to The Audre Lorde Project.

*to be donated on the 10th of each month*