Upcoming Lecture Dates: October 8 & 22.

Time: 10:00AM (Mountain Time)

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By now, you’ve probably figured out that very little can be done in antiracism without an ability to navigate conversations about race and white supremacy. Having the ability to actually talk about these topics with others, instead of yelling at them from across the internet or writing them off the minute you encounter a disagreement that takes time to sort through, is a fundamental skill necessary from anyone looking to do this work affectively. There is absolutely no way around it. And for those looking to lead in this work by example (which should be ALL of us), this skill is even more important in this climate of racial division and social injustice.

The way you conduct yourself in these conversations has a direct impact on the very communities you want to be an ally to. If you want to be an ally to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, it’s time you accept the responsibility that comes with it - from a place of homily and appreciation for what’s at stake for those on the receiving end of white supremacy. No conversation about race and white supremacy happens in a vacuum. None are without consequence. The How To Talk About Race: The End Goal Is CLARITY lecture will guide you through the process of developing the necessary skills to do just that.

Join the rest of the WCS Community for this lecture and become a part of the generation that seeks to lead the way in racial justice and reconciliation through real human connection.



  • A 90 minute live online lecture + 20-30 minute Q&A based on the materials presented in the lecture.

  • A digital copy of the How To Talk About Race action guide. Action guide will be emailed immediately after purchase.

  • A downloadable workbook that follows the lecture. It will include spaces to take notes in real time, as well as self-guided assignments for further learning and self-interrogation. Workbook will be emailed to registrants the day before the lecture after registration closes.

  • Access to video playback for seven (7) days following the lecture.


The cost to reserve your seat for the next lecture is $28 USD. This fee is per registration and will need to be paid by all individuals attending, even if you’re watching as a team or group.

Deadline to register for each lecture is 24 hours prior to their start date.