Stage Two of becoming antiracist is EDUCATION. This is the moment you become a student and begin learning the histories and present day manifestations of racism and racial inequality. You’ll do this by attending workshops and webinars, taking online classes, reading books and watching documentaries, etc.

At Where Change Started, to help facilitate a consistent learning experience for you, we provide six week long Education Prompts that are self-guided mini courses to help expand your understanding of the complexities involved with social issues and concepts. We will also be launching a series of Online Courses few soon.


Education Prompts are six (6) week self-guided topic specific, educational experience. The general structure for each prompt will be as follows:

WEEK ONE - TWO: A thirty minute webinars each week to get you more knowledgeable about the topic at hand.

WEEK THREE - FIVE: journal prompts to help you deep dive into self-interrogation.

WEEK SIX: action setting worksheets to assist you in moving what you know into community action.

Next Education Prompt:

March 4 - April 12: Cultural Appropriation

Upcoming Education Prompts:

May 6 - June 14: White Saviors

July 1 - August 9: White Privilege

September 2 - October 11: De-centering Whiteness

November 4 - December 13: Performative Allyship