stage three - self - interrogation


Stage Three of becoming antiracist is SELF INTERROGATION. This is where you start the real “self work” of antiracism. It’s where you begin investigating the many ways in which you have been complicit in and perpetuated racist systems throughout your daily life.

At Where Change Started, you will have many opportunities to engage in that self interrogative work. You can purchase a copy of BECOMING ANTIRACIST - A 52 Week Guided Journal to Overcoming Your Racist Bypassing Behaviors. You can also participate in our weekly reflection questions and webinars on Instagram and Patreon.


Reflection Questions are shared on WCS Instagram Page every Tuesday and are followed by a LIVE webinar on IG stories the next day at 11am MST.

* videos remain live for 24 hours and are then uploaded to the PATREON community for unlimited access. *