Becoming Antiracist

BECOMING ANTIRACIST is a 52 week guided journal filled with weekly prompts, tips for goal setting, accountability trackers, and more to help you on your journey to becoming antiracist.

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BECOMING ANTIRACIST is a 52 week guided journal created for the sole purpose of walking you through the process of becoming antiracist. It is filled with deep-diving, self-reflection journal prompts to guide you on the journey.


 1.    To help you make sense of all the antiracism terms and concepts, by putting them into one framework to illustrate how they relate to one another.

 2.    To provide with a practical blueprint for becoming antiracist.


As you move through BECOMING ANTIRACIST, you’ll learn about the following: 

The Six Racist Bypassing Behaviors™ that prevent you from becoming antiracist.

The Four Steps to Becoming Antiracist and how they relate to one another. 

The four emotional responses to present racism that are the most common Racial Triggers for bypassing behavior.

The Racist Tools of Defense you deploy once you’ve been triggered that perpetuate white supremacy and how to replace those racist tools with Tools of Accountability.

 The Journal Prompts will cover a year’s worth of self-reflection and hard questions as you journey in antiracism.