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Are you feeling stuck when it comes to incorporating antiracism practices from a position of leadership within your family, workspaces, and community?

Do you have a desire to lead by example in your community, but are afraid of making a mistake that perpetuates white supremacy, despite your best intentions?

Do you want to know how you can do the work of amplifying Black, Indigenous, and People of Color stories, without taking up too much space?

*Seats are limited.

Let’s create the world we believe in. Together!

The Antiracism Leadership Accelerator (ALA) is an 12 week long training program that walks you through the four stages of becoming antiracist with a leadership framework in mind.

What is the goal of the ALA?

The goal of this accelerator is to walk you through what it looks like to take the antiracism principles that you’ve learned (and will continue to build upon) and incorporate them into your daily life from what ever position of leadership or influence you are currently in. By the end of the ALA you will walk away with the following:

CLARITY in regard to what is expected of you as an ally in this work.


CONFIDENCE in your ability to do this work in a way that doesn’t cause harm to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.


What does the ALA include?

  • Twelve (12) live online 90 minute lectures with accompanying Q&A session. Each lecture will be paired with a homework assignment that will be reviewed by L. Glenise Pike for real time feedback.

  • Downloadable and printable digital workbook. ($100 value)

  • A one-hour consulting session with L. Glenise Pike at the completion of the ALA. ($135 value)

  • Access to cohort-only Slack group for you and your peers to build community with one another along the way.

*Seats are limited.

This Leadership Accelerator Works for Individuals and Teams

Teachers | Small Business Owners | Church Leadership | Nonprofit Workers | Stay-at-home Parents | Writers | Policy Makers | Marketing Consultants | Tech Start Up Founders | Human Resources | School Administrators | Social Activists | Marketing Professionals | Government Employees | Corporate Leadership | Social Workers | TransRacial Adoptive Parents | Thought Leaders | Community Organizers | Book Club Leaders | Journalists | Bankers | Social Media Influencers | Environmental Advocates

and more…

But HOW can this accelerator work for all of those different people?

Everyone is in a position of leadership or influence. Those things aren’t just about having large followings on social media or fancy job titles. If there is anyone looking to you for guidance, be they your children, your friends and family, your co-workers, or your clients, you are in the perfect place to lead by example in antiracism.

If you’re in a position of leadership or influence, this accelerator is for YOU!

*Seats are limited.


Accelerator Dates: September 2 - November 22, 2019

Enrollment Deadline is August 15, 2019..


WEEK ZERO: Overview of the Four Stages of Becoming Antiracist

One week before the start of the accelerator, you will received your learning materials. This will be a pdf workbook filled with all the resources you’ll need to complete the accelerator. It will be expected that you have these materials read thoroughly before the first online lecture. This is so we can jump right in on the deep end, building off that foundational information, rather than spending a week or two covering it in our live classes..

WEEK ONE: Stage One - Awareness | Buckling Up For The Lifelong Antiracism Ride

This week, we’ll talk about what antiracism awareness looks like, why it’s cyclical and multi-level, and what to expect of yourself along the way.

WEEK TWO: Stage Two - Education | Understanding Race and White Supremacy

This week will provide you with a general, but deeper diving than usual, overview of race as a political construct and white supremacy as a social, political, and economic system.

WEEK THREE: Stage Two - Education | Developing Skills to Self-Guide

In week three, I will walk you through creating your own self-guided education plans so that you may continue your studies with intention as you move through the process of becoming antiracist.

WEEK FOUR: Stage Three - Self Interrogation | Unpacking Your Racial Triggers

There are three key things you should be dong when undergoing self-interrogation in this work. Week four will be dedicated to step ONE - Unpacking Your Racial Triggers.

WEEK FIVE: Stage Three - Self Interrogation | Identifying Your Racist Tools of Defense

Week five will be dedicated to step TWO of the self interrogation stage of becoming antiracist - Identifying Your Racist Tools of Defense.

WEEK SIX: Stage Three - Self Interrogation | Developing Tools of Accountability

Week six will be dedicated to step THREE of the self interrogation stage of becoming antiracist - Developing Tools of Accountability.

WEEK SEVEN: Stage Four - Community Action | How To Talk About Race: The End Goal Is CLARITY

Week seven starts the Community Action portion of the process and we’re going to dive right in sharpening your current skills and developing others for talking about race. There is very little one can do at this stage of the work without this particular foundation being built first.

WEEK EIGHT: Stage Four - Community Action | Public Displays of Allyship: In Person and On Social Media

No one wants to cause harm when attempting to stand in solidarity and allyship with communities who are hurting. This week, we’ll dig into how you can publicly stand in allyship without perpetuating white supremacy.

WEEK NINE: Stage Four - Community Action | Initiating Call Ins / Encouraging Organization-Level and Community Focused Reflections

There are productive and less productive ways to engage others and call them into this work. This week, we’ll not only discuss those various ways, but we’ll also practice doing so in simulated exercises.

WEEK TEN: Stage Four - Community Action | Redistribution of Economic Access: Individual Actions That Make a Difference

Far too often, small actions get discounted in this work because we’re still navigating antiracism in an world that overly glorifies big gestures from the rich and famous with large platforms. Make no mistake, however. There are plenty of things you can be doing on the ground, and subsequently encouraging others to do, that can make a huge difference with it comes to resource and economic redistribution.

WEEK ELEVEN: Stage Four - Community Action | Antiracism Focused Community Programming

Whether this programming occurs in your physical and geographical community, in your workplaces, in your churches, or even in your online spaces, antiracist principles must be an intentional part of the planning process in order to see them realized in the execution of the event. I will share with you my comprehensive Antiracism Program Checklist of all the things you must consider when planning these programs.

WEEK TWELVE: Stage Four - Community Action | Staying Humble: Public Accountability and Leading By Example in Your Mistakes

We’ll wrap up our time together working through how to navigate the spaces we’ve made mistakes in and how to utilize public accountability as teachable moments, regardless of where the mistake occurred. I’ll also leave you with a number of other skills and tips for continuing to hold yourself personally accountable beyond this accelerator.

*All live lectures will take place on Wednesdays at 6pm MDT.

*Seats are limited.

— INvestment —

Current price of the Antiracism Leadership Accelerator = $299



What day and time will the live lectures be? All live lectures will take place on Wednesdays at 6pm MDT.

I can’t make the live lectures, will there be video replay? Absolutely. All ALA enrollees will have lifetime access to the video lectures. Live participation, particularly during the Q&A, will significantly enhance the value you receive from the ALA. So, even though there will be video replay, you should do everything you can to make it to the lectures on time.

When will I receive my digital materials to start preparing for the ALA? All digital content will be sent to enrollees two weeks prior to the start date. That means those enrolling in the upcoming ALA will received all digital materials on Wednesday, August 21.

Twelve (12) weeks is a significant time commitment. Why is the ALA spread over such a long period of time? Becoming antiracist is serious business. It requires a significant amount of dedication, intention, and focus to see that work done in the name of dismantling white supremacy actually works towards that goal. As much as I’d like to squeeze this content into an hour long lecture, or a small action guide, I simply can’t. Not just because that would be cheating you. I would also be sending you out into your communities ill-equipped to stand in a place of leadership and influence without causing harm to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. I refuse to do that to you and to BIPOC.

Will I be able take what I’ve learned from the ALA and start my own antiracism consulting firm? NO. That is not the purpose of this accelerator. There are an unlimited number of ways you can participate in antiracism from a position of leadership and influence without seeking to profit from it. The ALA will address this dynamic head on.

Are refunds available if I’m unhappy with my experience? Sure thing. Full refunds are available until enrollees receive their resource rich digital workbook. Due to the nature of such digital content, partial refunds of 50% will be available for redemption up to one week after start of the accelerator. After that time, refunds will no longer be available.

Do you provide a discount for teams looking to do the ALA together?Absolutely! For a teams of 4 or more a bulk discount on registration is available, along with the option to schedule weekly private group Q&As with me at additional cost. This option allows for you to have an hour with me to ask organizational/community specific questions as it relates to the material we cover in the ALA. Email me at so we can chat about the details and make that happen!

Is there an option for a private in-person ALA for our team or community? There is! This Accelerator is perfect for a week of professional development and team training. This significantly shortens the time spent learning and more time being able to put into action the skills you’ll be taking away from it. A private in-person ALA can be conducted over a four day period any time of the year your team is ready to take on the task. Your investment for such an event would be the cost of registration per person, plus a $1500 honorarium. Email me at for additional info.

Ok. I’m ready! How do I make it happen? Click the button below and register! It’s that simple. I’ll be in touch later with your materials before the start of the accelerator.

*Seats are limited.

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